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Weekly Party Round-up: Autumn Picnic

February 25, 2015

Hello and welcome back! This Saturday is the first day of Autumn and Autumn is fast becoming my favourite season. Last year I made an Autumn cake and vowed to spend the season embracing everything Autumny. This year I am kicking off Autumn with a picnic with my love and continuing with celebrating as much Autumn as possible! Plaid blankets spread over the grass, home made pumpkin pie spice cookies, apple pie, spiced hot chocolate and a whole lot of snuggling up in the cool breeze.

Doesn’t that sound heavenly? I just can’t wait! As much as I have enjoyed the summer heat, backyard dinners and early morning swims I am passionate about the cold. I love curling up with Darren on the couch with a hot water bottle, English breakfast tea and home made soup. All our animals scattered around us and getting cozy.

This weeks Weekly Party Round-up is an Autumn Picnic! Enjoy!

1. Cardamom & Orange Hot Chocolate / 2. Gluten Free Apple Pie / 3. Pumpkin Pie Cookies / 4. Cutlery Pocket / 5. Blanket / 6. Picnic Set up



Jordyn 'Duffymoon' Burne

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