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Stop with the boring phone covers!

September 02, 2015

Okay, so… if there is ONE thing you know about me by now, it is that I love beautiful things. I can’t seem to stress that enough. Everyone that either knows me in real life or on the internet knows that I covet beautiful bits and bobs. I can go anywhere and I will find something that is “just so” and immediately lust after its beauty and perfection. If it has glitter, sprinkles, food, gold or a unicorn on it then I am pretty much hopelessly in love.

So that is why (oh why!) I cannot understand why I have had the same phone cover for over a year. Not only did I buy a plain see through gold edged iPhone cover once…but after the plastic went all yellow (eeeeuw?) i went back and got another one. UNTIL the other day when Superbalist magically introduced Skinny Dip London iPhone cases to their website! Here I sit with a perfectly glittery, cheeky and pastel perfect cover! You can see it here.

So that got me thinking and trawling the interwebs for any other iPhone 5s cover options to share with you other non-converted boring phone cover people. For those of you that are iPhone 6 users, most of these are available to you too

Enjoy and please tell me if there are any other awesome phone overs out there that I haven’t opened my eyes to yet

1- The “Messy” cover designed by A Beautiful Mess. This kick-ass sister team have taken blogging to a whole new level with writing, recipes, book deals and of course products. I love the messy (lol) writing on the cover as well as the pop of colour and surprise message on the inside. Yes please all the way! The only downside is having to ship it from the US, but the shipping is not totally deadly.

2 - The floral cover is by Shop a crazy online shopping girl gang that promotes fun, girl power and just a hell of a lot of cool stuff. Jen Gotch is my personal idol. she is crazy and I love her. I love the bright floral pattern which to me just screams SPRING! Okay you have to pay out of your ear for shipping but just pair it with a couple of other light items and it will be worth it!

3 - These next two covers are from my all time favourite browsing store…you guessed it : TYPO! They have just opened a bigger store in Gateway and it is fabulously overflowing with wonderful things! I loved this kitty cat phone cover because it reminded me of my adorable Jemima, grey and sleepy

4 - Okay, I just found this banana phone cover from Typo really funny! It reminded me of this Instagram post by Jen Gotch who, as you know from above, is my idol. What is better, you can pick it up in your local Typo store…so no shipping costs!

5 - So, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram or in real life (creepy) you will know that I am Harry potter MAD! Not including an HP phone cover would be 100% sacrilegious. Good quality Harry Potter covers are actually pretty difficult to find but I have been scouring Hot Topic since I was 13 so I knew I was bound to find something there. I love the combo of the galaxy backgound and the Deathly Hallows symbol in this one

6 - I feel like I could just put “Glitter" and that would sum up why I chose to include this case. I love glitter and I love ombre and there is nothing like a bit of sparkle to carry you through a tough day. TopShop know whats up when it comes to fashion and trend, so you just gotta trust them on this one. G L I T T E R !

7 & 8 - Best for last right? I have been eyeing out Skinny Dip London for quite some time, I love their designs and they actually remind me a lot of Shop, but the shipping is obviously always a deterrent. I recently acquired the Charlotte cover off Superbalist which refreshed my obsession and I spied this dinky doughnut and cute cat cover! don’t you just love the bobby eyes? So here’s to hoping that Superbalist take the hint and bring some of these cuties in!

I hope you enjoyed this little collection of covers and have a magical day. Just remember: stop with the boring phone covers! We spend enough time on our phones to at least put in the effort to make them pretty!



Jordyn 'Duffymoon' Burne

Hello, I'm Duffymoon, seeker of all things magic. I am a passionate vegan foodie, obsessed with curating and creating beautiful things and a penchant for the dramatic.