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Weekly Party Round-up: Hey Honey Bee

November 27, 2014

Hello and welcome back to Weekly Party Round-up!

My humblest apologies for being a day late, but chance are none of you are keeping score at this stage!

Today’s weekly party round up is all based on a teeny tiny little creature that needs a little more recognition… and as we all know we just do our best in the way we know how and my way is through food, parties and pretty things.

Bees are a great symbol for spring and they are basically the conduits of pollination. Is that a thing? I feel like it should be a thing. Small party-like gatherings are always my go to celebration but another fun way to celebrate is to not only throw a little bee themed party, but how about getting some friends together and planting some bee friendly plants? Or visiting an apiary and hearing what the experts have to say! The humble bee is an integral part of the ecosystem, I would go so far as to say that this fella is probably one of nature’s cornerstones!

So, here’s to you Bee, you sticky sweet little fella doing all the hard shit that no other insect could be bothered with.

*clinks glass*

1. Honeycomb cookies / 2. Backdrop / 3. Save The Bees Tee / 4. Bees Knees Cocktail / 5. Herb Infused Honey / 6. Bee Piñata DIY

You can find out more about the dire situation the bees are in at



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