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Easy Oreo Fudge

November 25, 2014

Howdy and happy Tuesday to you all!

Today I am going to cut to the chase and share a recipe so easy that it is almost criminal and a bit embarrassing. There are two things I thought when I was writing this recipe:

The first is that this is the second Oreo recipe I have done so far on Hello Duffymoon. I am not ashamed, I just really love Oreos. A hell of a lot. So much so that I have crushed Oreo, mini Oreos and normal Oreos in the kitchen right now. I will however, try not to make this blog all about Oreos.

The second thing I thought was that my friend Paul is going to roll his eyes and sigh and say “Oh Jordyn” when he reads this recipe… because it is not really fudge. Paul is really magnificent at making fudge and Paul I am sorry, I know this is not real fudge but it is so easy I couldn’t help myself.

I think this is a really fun recipe to do with kids, because not only is it non-bake, but can you swap the Oreos for other biscuits and add sprinkles and other fun things into the “fudge” mix.

Without further ado…

Easy Oreo Fudge

414ml Condensed Milk
500g White Chocolate
2 1/2 cups of crushed Oreos
Mini Oreos to decorate

Combine your condensed milk and your white chocolate into a glass bowl and either melt over a double boiler or heat in the microwave for 10-15 seconds at a time, being careful not to burn the chocolate. Next mix in your crushed Oreos and tip into a fridge safe container for refrigeration. It is up to you what thickness you would like your fudge to be… just remember it is very rich.

Before you refrigerate your fudge, press your mini Oreos on the top. Allow to cool for about 2-3 hours. Cut into chunks and om nom nom!

Love, Duffymoon


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