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Wednesday Wishlist : Hello Winter

May 12, 2016

Winter is fast approaching and as it gets colder, my Winter Wishlist gets longer. I mean that makes sense right? The colder it gets... the more clothes you need, you know, to keep warm. Purely practical. I am totally kidding, it is largely because I am obsessed with winter and I can't resist a classic london-esque dress & stocking combo paired with some good boots and a coat. 

I have a confession to make, nearly every morning over my cup of coffee I click over to Superbalist and then click on "NEW" and spend however long, trawling through all the delightful new bits and bobs that have been added since my last visit. There are always so many gorgeous things and trust me, you don't want to see my online wishlist.  I decided to fish through all my favourites and make up this little Winter Wishlist to share with ya'll, who knows maybe it will inspire you to put a little more "win" into your winter wardrobe (see what I did there? I've totally still got it)


1. Missguided Embroidered Dress / 2. Vera Moda Bag / 3. Truffle Ankle Boots / 4. Daniel Wellington Watch / 5. G-Star Raw Belt / 6. Pom Pom Bag Accessory / 7. Instax Mini Camera / 8. Noisy May Jacket

1. Missguided Embroidered Dress

I fell in love with this dress the second I saw it on one of my favourite YouTubers, Lily Melrose. I was in love and totally obsessed from afar until I spotted that Superbalist had added a whole variety of Missguided items, goodbye expensive overseas online shopping charges and ridiculous import taxes, hello dream dress. The silhouette is probably my favourite on my body shape and the delicate floral embroidery adds the perfect pop of colour and texture. Okay there is pretty much nothing I don't love about this dress. 

2. Vera Moda Bag

I am a one bag kind of girl, I usually use a bag to death and then replace it and that is how my life has always been forever amen. However, one of my little aims for this year is to add a couple more bags into my rotation, so they don't have to be worn to death and then replaced. I am a huge fan of this mini saddle bag, the embossed front adds a very vintage "folksy" vibe and adds a gentle feminine element without being too girly. It is the perfect size for keeping all your essentials on you for a day trip or a night out.

3. Truffle Ankle Boots

Aren't boots the best part about winter? Well they are for me! Every winter I gush over all the gorgeous boots and pick one or two pairs to add to my collection. These Truffle boots are definately going to be the boots that I wear everywhere this winter, they are edgy without being too biker and they have a very small heel, which means I can pretty much wear them day and night.These are trendy enough to be "cool" but timeless enough to not be a one season wonder, ya feel me? I love adding good quality boots to my winter wardrobe because they last me a couple of winters so they are always an investment (Can you tell I have already put these in my cart?) Also, these boots are called "Peace" boots and that does something to my chakras.

4. Daniel Wellington Watch 

I have only recently started wearing a watch, yeah I am 26, is that weird? It also takes me a second to tell the time, I think it is because I was always too embarassed to tell the time out loud in front of the class in prep school. But this is not therapy, this is a wishlist. SO after wearing a watch for a little while I have started to actually notice watches and hells bells how gorgeous is this Daniel Wellington watch? I am so obsessed! This is on my winter wishlist because I am trying to make an effort to use my phone less and guys, it is always dark now, I am so confused.

5. G-Star Raw Belt 

I don't know how much I can say about a belt, but I really do love this one. I love that it subtley matches with the Truffle boots and I thought they would both look gorge paired with the Missguided dress, adding a lil bit of leather and edge to the feminine and flirty vibe. The hardware is a sort of buffed silver which I love because I think it will give any outfit a bit of a worn in element. 

6. Pom Pom Bag Accessory

Confession, you know how I said I am becoming a minimalist this year? Well I still am (trying) but I have added this dusty pink colour to my home AND wardrobe palette. So naturally I had to add this dusty pink pom pom to my wishlist. I love these faux fur pom poms, they make my keys look fancy and it makes it look like you have put a bit of thought into accesorising your handbag when in actual fact you just tipped the contents of your other bag on the dining room table and put anything "heavy" into this one. Pro tip - get a couple and keep one on every bag.

7. Instax Mini Camera 

Forever a Fuji fan, this Instax mini is firmly on my list. Over the December holidays I met up with my two favourite girl friends for a quick round of pasta's and after dinner Megs whipped out her instax and we took 3 snaps. We each picked one, obviously the one where we looked the best and took it home. It seems like a silly little story but that photo is still stuck on my fridge and it reminds me to check in with them whenever it catches my eye. Printing photos is something we never seem to do, so I would love to capture my winter memories on this guy and cover my fridge!

8. Noisy May Jacket

Last but certainly not least...this coat...oh this coat. Last winter invested in a navy blue parka and this winter I am going to invest in this black one. It is the perfect length for pairing with stockings and dresses or even just throwing over a jeans and t-shirt combo.  My favourite feature of this Noisy May parka is the drawcord in the centre, my curves love and appreciate an accetuated waist. The white accents really pop and for me a big hood is essential, I mean a drop of moisture causes total chaos in my mane. I didn't spend 2 hours straightening this mop for a rogue drop of rain to ruin it. I'll take the coat with the big hood, thanks.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little Winter Wishlist, who knows maybe I will follow it up with a "look" post now that I have convinced myself that I need ALL THE THINGS! Thank you to Superbalist for being so damn cool and asking me to get involved in their Winter Wishlist 

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