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Brunch with Zapper

April 20, 2017

Good morning friends! Wow, it feels so weird to be sitting down at my computer to write after such a long weekend of laziness, including a marathon session of Elementary and eating two bags of Big Corn Bites. I know you ain't judgin' because we all have our long weekend guilty pleasures, right? Well, another one of my guilty pleasures is indulging in long, relaxing brunches with my family. So when Zapper approached me to review their app, I was super stoked, I love any opportunity to try new things - especially if they include food. I have held off on downloading Zapper for a while because, to be honest, my fiancé has it and I leave these sort things for him to manage. I thought it would be a bit of a hack to use, for no other reason than it includes my card details. Am I lazy? Well, yeah maybe a little…sometimes? Anyway, I was wrong. Downloading Zapper was pretty quick and painless, I had it downloaded and my card details loaded in less than 5 minutes. It gave me severe and dramatic flashbacks to all the unnecessary time wasted on trips to the ATM before my weekly trip to The Morning Trade, I could have just been using Zapper the whole time. 

So I downloaded Zapper and I chose to get my “basic info” from Facebook which is always my go-to sign-up method. Just as I was about to start typing, retyping and rechecking my card details, I saw this handy little card scanner. Guy’s, nothing thrills me more than seeing those beautiful words “Tap here to scan card”. I scanned my card and that was that - I was in! I was in the office at the time but I was dying to mess around and see what was what in Zapper-land. I hopped over to  “Zapper nearby” to see if there was somewhere I could pick up a quick lunch and as luck would have it the KZNSA gallery is a Zapper merchant! Yay! So Darren and I walked across to the NSA to pick up a quick lunch. Being a darling and a natural born gentleman, he offered to pay but I am an independent woman with Zapper at my fingertips! I quickly scanned the bill and selected a tip % and I was done. The waitress gave me a smile and a thumbs up to let me know she had received the payment and I was out the door, after walking up to her and confirming and saying “are you sure?” a couple of times, because that's how I roll. My days of waiting for other customers to finish with the card machine are DONE.

Next stop, brunch city! Last Thursday was my mom's 50th birthday, so we planned to do a nice little brunch on Friday. We wanted to keep it local and Zapper-friendly, so I whipped out my iPhone and used the trusty “Zapper nearby” function again. Aside from showing the closest Zapper merchants the nearby function also allows you to click on individual merchants for more info. The merchant info is great, there are handy maps, trading hours and contact information. You can call the restaurant straight from the app, this was super useful because it was Good Friday and hardly anyone was actually open for brunch. It turns out that Three Monkeys Coffee Bar was indeed open and just as well because we had been dying to try their vegan burgers. Burgers are brunch, right? 


We had a beautiful brunch, full of laughter and the most delicious falafel burgers. The rain poured in Glenwood but we were cosy and full, holed up in Three Monkey’s. When it came time to leave we called for the bill and it came time to test another element of Zapper - splitting the bill. I scanned the bill, set my amount, added a tip and processed the payment and the balance was paid by my mom's boyfriend in cash. Okay, did that sound easy…? That is because it IS so easy. I loved using Zapper, it is not only a great and easy way to pay but also a really useful resource for locating new foodie spots near you, plus you get R25 off your first transaction. That is R25 free money folks, just for signing up and using the app. Easy Peasy! I am so looking forward to heading down to The Morning Trade this weekend and zapping up my groceries! Get it? I laugh at my own jokes.

Thank you Zapper for this little adventure, I had a whale of a time exploring the app and getting to know the ins n’ outs. Thank you for taking a look at my latest post, have you used Zapper? Please comment and let me know! If you want to see more of what I get up to on social media please take a look at my FacebookInstagramTwitter.  If you want to catch peaks of cakes, cats, selfies, step-by-step vegan recipes, bits of Durban and lots of delicious food keep an eye on my Instagram story! Please DO subscribe on the right (please)




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