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Wednesday Wishlist : Cosy night in

May 18, 2016

This week I am sharing my Wishlist for all things cuddly and cosy for a night on the couch. Maybe you are obsessively re-watching your favourite series, or maybe you are stuck into a good book (guilty as charged) but there is nothing more wonderful than snuggling up next to your favourite animal/man/woman/child on the couch after a long day and really unwinding. 


1. Hooded Gown / 2. Nomu Hot Chocolate / 3. Le Creuset Mug / 4. Sherpa Trim Slippers / 5. Cotton Blanket / 6. Faux Fur Cushion / 7. Scented Candle / 8. Stroopwafels

1. Hooded Gown

First of all, how obsessed are you with this gown? It has ears! I would like to say that I have always been obsessed with having really fancy and snuggly pajamas, right up until this year. This year, for some strange reason I find myself drawn to stretchy black leggings and black vests. SO, this gorgeous gown would be perfect for pairing with my boring but comfy combo.  It is silky soft and did I mention that is has ears?

2. Nomu Hot Chocolate

Okay so there is nothing healthy and low fat about this one, but to be fair, it is almost winter and hot chocolate has become my evening treat/routine. This Nomu hot chocolate is perfect for heating yourself up on those chippy nights. It is so easy to make too. Pop a couple spoons of these dark chocolate chunks into a cup of hot milk and stir them in, you can even top your hot chocolate with some mini marshmallows if you want to go all out.

3. Le Creuset Mug

Where better to put your hot chocolate than in one of these gorgeous Le Creuset mugs? They come in over 15 different colours and to be honest I have built up quite the collection. This Mineral Blue one is the latest in the range so it is firmly on my wishlist to add to my mug shelf, along with the pretty Chiffon Pink of course. (Like I don’t have enough dusty pink things already?)

4. Sherpa Trim Slippers

One of my favourite parts about winter has got to be wearing closed shoes and slippers. I am a born and bred Durban girl, which for me means living in slops 90% of the year. It can be raining and I will probably we wearing slops. BUT in winter I get to wear warm slippers and actually be warmed instead of overheated. These Sherpa lined ugg-style boots are my top pick because aside from being really pretty they have proper soles so I can wear them to the shops.

5. Cotton Blanket

You were probably expecting a blanket in this wishlist, but probably not this blanket. When Darren and I when hunting for blankets we were initially looking for those fluffy microfiber guys but we stumbled upon these cotton Hotel Collection  blankies instead. They are super heavy and despite their holy appearance they are very warm. I already have one in pink but I love the look of this duck egg one too

6. Faux Fur Cushion

It would hardly be a cosy night in without some faux fur. This blushy, dusty pink is my current obsession…so much so that I painted the inside of my front door this very colour and yeah, I took this cushion for reference. When you have 8 animals and not even ONE of them will voluntarily snuggle with you on the couch, you have to resort to fluffy faux fur cushions. The best thing about these is that they are fluffy on both sides – which is rare in itself.  It also comes in white!

7. Scented Candle

I have said this before and I will say it one thousand times, I love the smell of this candle. I can’t have enough of them. The scent is honeysuckle & shea and it is just the right amount of “scent” to make your lounge/bedroom/bathroom smell delicious but it is in no way overpowering and nauseating. I have to light candles when I snuggle on the couch, the little bit of warmth and the flickering light is just sooooo relaxing.

8. Stroopwafels

Last but certainly not least…Stroopwafels. My lovely friend and fellow blogger Mary Lu Snapped about these a while ago, so I know she knows what I am talking about. Stroopwafels are life, they are deliciously crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. They have a hint of cinnamon but nothing too intense. If you haven’t tried them yet…put on your elasticated pants and grab a bag. You will probably eat the whole thing, good luck…sorry not sorry.


So there it is friends, my little Cosy Night In wishlist! I hope you have enjoyed it and have fund some snuggly winter inspiration in here somewhere. If you have a request or suggestion for a future wishlist please pop it in the comments below.

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